Performance Resources
Performance Resources is a full service coaching resource for serious performers serving the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Performance Resources, based in Havre de Grace, MD, concentrates mainly in the realm of endurance sport—running, cycling and multisport for serious performers.   

In endurance sports, the contest-specific goal, of course, is to improve and podium. The amount of preparation, focus, determination, and energy that a person puts into striving to improve is often referred to as their competitiveness. Serious performers have a strong desire to achieve and succeed, thereby demonstrating their competency to themselves and others.

So what benefit do I get working with a Coach?

Most individuals do not hesitate to seek out expert advice from a tax advisor, accountant, lawyer, or physician, but when it comes to their training, they choose to do it alone.

We can clearly demonstrate that working with a coach enables you to:

achieve a greater level of fitness than you would on your own. 
reduce your risk of overtraining injuries. 
become a more knowledgeable and insightful individual. 
remain accountable to achieving your fitness goals by working with someone who is monitoring 
your performance. 

Most Importantly, we consider the individual’s life and performance goals as a whole.  Workout sessions are created within the broader context of the individual’s goals, resources, event requirements and available training time. Additionally, individual workouts are designed based on a larger plan of training and accomplishment that can span from months to several years depending on the individuals goals and objectives.  Moreover, emphasizing the multiple aspects of overall health, physical fitness, and nutrition, as well as, the technical and tactical aspects of your chosen sport or activity are key components of focus. 

Many of our coaching relationships take place via the web. While the logistics of the relationship are such that the coach is not present during the actual implementation of the workouts, the coach still plays an important role in: 
1.monitoring workouts. 
2.providing feedback. 
3.helping individuals enhance and maintain their training motivation. 

In our years of experience we have found that individuals who hire a coach are looking for someone to help them:
1.train with a purpose. 
2.create and maintain a healthy balance in their life. 
3.provide an outside objective opinion. 

At Performance Resources , 
our goal is to bring out the best in the athletes we train.

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The Ultimate Judgment of Progress is:
Measurable results in reasonable time.